Brown Management Services, a professional and well-respected Property Management company is a
subsidiary of The Brown Group of Companies. Brown Management Services was founded in the 1950's
and offers Property Management Services for Residential, Commercial, Retail, Industrial and Office Real

Brown Management Services currently manages approximately 2500 residential suites as well as
approximately 500,000 square feet of commercial and industrial space. We have diligent and
professional staff with many years of experience in the property management industry and are pleased
to offer professional property management services to owners of Residential, Commercial, Retail and
Industrial properties across Southwestern Ontario.


Brown Management Services offers a comprehensive property management service, which includes the


The value of any real estate asset is not just the building - it's the tenants whose leases generate the
economic return and cash flow to the owner. At Brown Management, we recognize this by aggressively
marketing and leasing available space to qualified prospective tenants. A Property Administrator from
our office is assigned to your property and becomes the main contact for the on-site Property Manager
and tenants. The Administrator will work in conjunction with the on-site personnel to assist in all aspects
of tenant administration and will be the primary contact for the tenants. They will perform all
administrative duties including reviewing rental applications, performing credit checks on prospective
tenants, selecting applicants, preparing leases, addressing tenant inquiries, following up on overdue rent
and serving appropriate notices for overdue rent and eviction if necessary. The Administrator will follow
up any accounts turned over to our paralegal or collection agent from our office.


We have several Property Managers on staff that will visit the properties on a regular basis and work in
conjunction with the on-site staff to follow up on repairs and any other maintenance related tasks that
need to be addressed. On-site staff are on call 24 hours a day to handle any emergencies that arise. Any
maintenance work requires approval by the head office Property Managers prior to commencement of
the work. Appropriate quotes are obtained and our Property Managers and an Engineer (if required)
supervise all repair work. We have negotiated excellent rates with many trades for ongoing
maintenance given the number of suites we manage. Our regular maintenance program is designed to
minimize the possibility of major repairs and the costs associated with these large repairs. Any major capital repairs required will be discussed with the owner prior to commencement. We will obtain the necessary competitive quotes (based on pre-determined specifications) and contracts. We may also have an Engineer review the quotes and supervise the repairs depending on the nature and size of the
job. We maintain the necessary holdbacks in accordance with the Construction Lien Act to ensure that all work is completed in accordance with the contract.

Financial Reporting

Our Controller is a Certified General Accountant and he supervises all financial reporting for the
properties. All financial records are maintained on a computer using the Newstar Real Estate
Management System (formerly Minicom). This system allows us to tailor financial reporting to the
owners needs. We can provide financial reports at any frequency requested by the owner (monthly,
quarterly, semi-annually or annually). These reports can include monthly financial statements, monthly
actual vs. budget, monthly rent rolls and other reports as requested. At year-end, we will work with the
owners accountants to provide them with any information necessary to complete the financial
statements. Your Accountant can attend our office or we can send them a package containing the
information they require. Our Controller reviews all information provided to your Accountant at year-
end to help ensure that all information is complete and accurate in order to minimize the work required
by your Accountant (which may in turn reduce your accounting fees).


Brown Management Services has an excellent reputation in the real estate industry and among our
clients, for providing comprehensive and knowledgeable property management services. Our team of
dedicated professionals is committed to providing our customers with service that is the best in the
business. Our expertise combined with our bulk purchasing power will ensure that your property is run
in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.